LA NUIT YSL 50ml Perfume

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La Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray - Unveil the Allure of the Night Experience the captivating essence of La Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray, a fragrance that embodies the mystery, allure, and elegance of the night. With a harmonious blend of notes, this fragrance invites you to indulge in the enchanting beauty of the nocturnal world. Key Features:
  • Sensual Fragrance Composition: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, La Nuit offers a fragrance experience that is both alluring and sophisticated.
  • Long-lasting Sillage: Envelop yourself in the enchanting embrace of La Nuit throughout the night, as its captivating scent lingers on your skin.
  • Elegant Bottle Design: Housed in a sleek and stylish bottle, La Nuit is not just a fragrance but a symbol of refinement and sophistication.
  • Aldehydes, Bergamot, Ginger, Mint, and Lemon Top Notes: A refreshing and invigorating opening that awakens the senses and sets the stage for the enchanting journey ahead.
  • Violet Leaf, Apple, Sage, Pineapple, and Geranium Middle Notes: A dynamic blend of fruity and herbal notes that adds depth and complexity, evoking feelings of mystery and intrigue.
  • Ambergris, Musk, Cedar, Balsam Fir, Vetiver, and Incense Base Notes: A warm and sensual foundation that envelops you in a veil of seduction, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and allure.
Unveil the allure of the night with La Nuit Eau de Parfum Spray. Elevate your fragrance game and indulge in the enchanting beauty of the nocturnal world with every spritz.


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